Meat as a functional and pro-healthy part of our diet

Important note: 2nd announcement

There are numerous proofs corroborating the fact that meat constitutes an important constituent of the human diet, although there are also scientific beliefs presenting completely contradictory opinions. Arguments presented by one group of scholars are frequently challenged by the other group. Scientific advances and innovative technologies indicate that meat utilisation in its natural form as well as in the form of a functional and pro-healthy component in our diet is expedient and advantageous and can even be increased thanks to its increased variety. Conference presentations dealing with issues associated with meat quality improvement, problems of nutrigenomics, obtaining bio-constituents from meat, innovative processing technologies and authenticity of food articles, supported by discussions of scientific authorities in these fields of science, should provide new information for both science and practice.

Therefore, we invite all scientists and specialists from all over the world to attend our conference.

The conference will be held in Poznań from June 27th to 29th, 2018.