The Conditions of Pellet Production Development in Poland


Global trends of increase in prices of conventional energy sources, compatibility with trends for environment protection and the necessity to fulfill EU obligations result in price growth of sawmill by-products - raw material for the production of eco-fuels. Such circumstances create a huge chance for the improvement of efficiency of very often operating on the verge of profitability owners of those by-products - that is plants converting wood, which apart from selling those by-products to chipboard producers, pulp and paper industry or energy sector, should consider the possibility of refining them in the place where they have been created. Converting sawmill by-products into pellet significantly increases their value. However, the decision to launch such conversion involves high costs and entails substantial investments, therefore requiring recognition of the factors having an impact on the success of such venture: prices of sawmill by-products - raw material for pellet production, development prospects of domestic pellet market at the time of growing prices of conventional fuels, as well as the legal regulations imposing on the investors pro-ecological character of activities and analysis of the situation on the European pellet market, taking into consideration its quality demands and possible prices


Wood industry; Production; Fuel prices; Alternative fuels; Sawmills

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Published : 2010-12-31

Mikołajczak, E. (2010). The Conditions of Pellet Production Development in Poland. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 16(2), 93-100. Retrieved from

Elżbieta Mikołajczak
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu  Poland

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