This research aims to present and analyze Local Action Groups and their role in Kosovo. Improving national wealth and reducing migration, especially from rural areas, is one of the biggest challenges. The LEADER program is considered to be a very successful rural development initiative of the European Union. Hence, this study examined the role of Local Action Groups as a main tool in implementing the LEADER approach. Focus was placed on how they work in Kosovo, their structure and organization, projects implemented, operation and characteristics of LAGs in Kosovo in the context of seven features of LEADER. The research concentrates on four municipalities where LAGs were examined, and the role of international organizations in training them. Descriptive statistics methods were used for the analysis. The study found that the LEADER approach in Kosovo is implemented more in theory and less in practice. Since they have been created, Local Action Groups in Kosovo have remained at an early stage of development. They need support from policymakers and international organizations.


rural development, efficiency, local action group, LEADER approach

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Published : 2020-04-02

Krasniqi, N. (2020). THE ROLE AND IMPACT OF LOCAL ACTION GROUPS IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT OF KOSOVO. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 55(1), 17–28.

Nol Krasniqi
Mr  France

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