The 2019 Silk Road Agricultural Education and Research Cooperation Forum


The aim of the meeting is to further strengthen the cooperation in the fields of education, research and cultural exchange among the universities, research institutes  and enterprises in the countries along the Silk Road. During the Forum new members will be accepted to join the Alliance. In addition, the Alliance council members meeting aims at developing the annual plan of the Alliance for the year 2020. The forum will establish a common ground for cooperation among the Alliance members.

The 2019 Forum is organized as an International Conference with the following leitmotif:
The technology transfer in agriculture – from university research to innovation
During Forum 2019, ways of effectively implementing research results into practice will be discussed. We count on messages from Alliance Members about what implementation methods are used. We also provide information on the achievements recently taken that have a large practical application and should be disseminated.

During the 2019 we celebrate in Poznan the 100th anniversary of agricultural and forestry studies. In the 2019 the University of Poznan was established with the Agronomy and Forestry Faculty. The 2019 Forum and the arrival of presidents of notable agricultural universities worldwide is an additional element of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of university tradition in Poznań.