Food Volatilomics and Sensomics Group

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

  • GC/QQQ-MS Agilent Technologies 7890A/7000 equipped with autosampler Gerstel MPS with thermal desorption, headspace, SPME, SBSE
  • GCxGC-QTOF-MS two-dimensional quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry, Leco Pegasus 4D equipped with autosampler CTC with SPME option
  • GC-MS gas chromatograph with mass spectrometry Agilent Technologies 7890/5975C coupled with sorbent pen (Entech)
  • Gas chromatograph Agilent Technologies 7890 with headspace autosampler (HP7697A)
  • Gas chromatograph (HP 6890 (3), Trace 1300 with FID and ECD detectors
  • Gas chromatograph HP5890 II couples with olfactometry
  • Electric nose Fox 4000 (Alpha MOS)
  • Liquid chromatograph Agilent Technologies 1100 (DAD detector)
  • Chromatograph FCPC Kromaton with DAD detector
  • Flesh chromatograph Agilent 971-FP with fraction collector and UV-VIS detector (Buchi)