Food Volatilomics and Sensomics Group

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

We offer scientific service for cooperation in following fields:

Z zakresu analityki związków lotnych i zapachowych:

  • Analysis of the composition of essential oils by GC/MS
  • Side-products of alcoholic fermentation detection by GC, HS-GC
  • Volatiles profiling in food products by GC/MS, GC x GC-MS
  • Quality changes (volatile/aroma compounds) during storage and in technological processes
  • Sensory analysis


  • Identification of foreign smells and key aroma compounds by SAFE-GC-O (AEDA)
  • Quantitative analysis of aroma compounds by GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, GC-MS/MS
  • • Finding solutions for technological problems connected with aroma changes