Food Volatilomics and Sensomics Group

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Volatile compounds and lipids in food are the main focus of the Department of Food Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis research. From the beginning of the Department activity this field of the study was the most important. The instrumental techniques during the analyses of volatile compounds and food lipids was principal. Since the 70s there is a gas chromatography laboratory, which is constantly developing. In the current dimension it is one of the best gas chromatography and mass spectrometry laboratory in food science. The Department used to be a pioneer of new analytical solutions and applications in Poland having f.ex. an electronic noses, two dimensional gas chromatography.


The area of volatile compounds analyses:

  • The identification of volatile compounds which determine food aroma, off-flavour or odour. For those analyses GC-O (identification of the active fractions), different combinations of GC-MS: GC-MS/MS, GC-MS, GCxGC-ToFMS (quantification, identification) are applied. If possible we apply isotopic labeling
  • Volatile compounds as side products created by microorganisms, chemical and biochemical reactions during production, processing and storage of food
  • Profile of volatile compounds to identify food products origin and authenticity applying solid phase microextraction (SPME-MS), GCxGC and electronic nose (Fox-4000, MOS)
  • Development of extraction techniques of volatile and aroma compounds in food and plant origin products (SMPE, SBSE, ITEX, SPE, Flash Chromatography)
  • Chiral analysis of significant compounds in aroma profile (chiral gas chromatography)
  • Volatile metabolites of microflora and compounds (mycotoxins)

The area of food lipids analyses:

  • Fatty acids and phytosterols profile in plant oils
  • Quantification of fatty acids and phytosterols during oils production, processing storage
  • Assessment of oils authenticity
  • Quantification of fatty acids and phytosterols during oils production, processing storage
  • Thermo-oxidative changes of phytosterols (degradation products and their risk assessment)

Moreover, in the Department the studies on biologically active food compounds in plants and food (coffee, crucifers) are conducted.