Pracownia Badania Związków Lotnych i Aktywnych Sensorycznie

Wydział Nauk o Żywności i Żywieniu

Food Volatilomics and Sensomics Group

Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition

Poznań University of Life Sciences (PULS)


Invites to take part in a conference

Challenges in food flavour and volatile compounds analysis

September 22-23, 2022

(2nd Circular)


We would like to invite all interested in various aspects of analysis of volatile and flavour compounds to take part in this two day event. The “Challenges…” is organized for a fourth time, last being organized in 2019. The conference is addressed to all academia scientists, young and experienced, R&D researchers, PhD students interested in the latest developments in techniques to investigate the phenomenon of volatile and flavour compounds in food. 

As in previous editions renowned scientists will join us for plenary/keynote lectures including Janusz Pawliszyn (Univ. Waterloo), Chiara Cordero (Univ. Torino), Catrenius de Jong (WUR, Wageningen), Vicente Fereira (Univ Zaragosa), Veronica Mall (TUM Munich). 

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Sample preparation methods for volatiles analysis,
  • Volatilomics for authenticity, process monitoring,
  • Sensomics (key odorants analysis),
  • Developments in chromatography for volatile and flavour compounds analysis, especially hyphenated techniques, GC×GC-ToFMS and others
  • Non-chromatographic approaches in volatiles analysis (in-vivo testing, SYFT, electronic noses),
  • Volatile and flavour compounds non-volatile precursors analysis

Conference venue

Kolegium Rungego, ul. Wojska Polskiego 52, 60-627 Poznań

Important dates and information:

  • Registration for the conference July 20th 
  • Submission of abstracts (oral/poster) July 20th 
  • Decision on acceptance of presentations July 30th 

Payment July 30th



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