Publications and guidelines for authors

Submitted articles will be published in two publishing series of Poznań University of Economics and Business Publishing House (paper and electronic version, the second one will be available free of charge on the following sites:,, There is also an option of publication in selected scientific journals – the details will be provided soon.

The articles will be qualified for the conference on the basis of submitted abstracts.

Each abstract needs to include the following elements:

  • Introduction (optional)
  • Purpose of article (mandatory)
  • Methodological approach (mandatory)
  • Results (anticipated or planned) (mandatory)
  • Research limitations (optional)
  • Implications for science and/or practice (optional)

Abstract size – maximum 250 words.

The abstracts that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements will be returned to their authors with a request for further changes.

Information on qualification into publishing series or scientific journal will be sent to authors.

The detailed editing requirements are to be published in February.