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ZA LATA 2020 – 2023


Bielska P., Skotarczak E., Cais-Sokolińska D., Teichert J. (2023): Determinants of the attitudes of proinnovative dairy consumers and a model simulating consumer behavior regarding increasing calcium intake. Nutrition, 109, 111983. MEN2023=140; IF2022= 4,4

Kaczyński Ł.K., Cais-Sokolińska D., Bielska P., Teichert J., Biegalski J., Yiğit A., Chudy S. (2023): The influence of the texture and color of goat’s salad cheese on the emotional reactions of consumers compared to cow’s milk cheese and Feta cheese. European Food Research and Technology. MEN2023=70; IF2022= 3,3

Yiğit A., Bielska P., Cais-Sokolińska D., Samur G. (2023): Whey proteins as a functional food: Health effects, functional properties, and applications in food. Journal of the American Nutrition Association (prev. Journal of the American College of Nutrition). MEN2023=20; IF2022= 3,3

Przybył K., Koszela K. (2023): Applications MLP and other methods in artificial intelligence of fruit and vegetable in convective and spray drying. Applied Sciences, 13(5), 2965. MEN2023=100; IF2022=2,7  

Danielak M., Przybył K., Koszela, K. (2023): The need for machines for the nondestructive quality assessment of potatoes with the use of artificial intelligence methods and imaging techniques. Sensors, 23(4), 1787. MEN2023=100; IF2022=3,9

Drożdżyńska A., Wawrzyniak J., Kubiak P., Przybylak M., Białas W., Czaczyk K. (2023): Optimization and modeling of Citrobacter freundii AD119 growth and 1,3-propanediol production using two-step statistical experimental design and artificial neural networks. Sensors, 23, 1266. MEN2023=100; IF2022=3,9 

Baygut H., Cais-Sokolińska D., Bielska P., Teichert J. (2023): Fermentation kinetics, microbiological and physical properties of fermented soy beverage with acai powder. Fermentation, 9(4), 324. MEN2023=40; IF=2022=3,7


Cais-Sokolińska D., Kaczyński Ł.K., Bielska P. (2022): Inhibition of galactooligosaccharide (GOS) degradation in high-heat-treated goat’s milk as a raw material for functional dairy products. Applied Sciences, 12(22), 11639. MEN2021=100; IF2022=2,7

Przybył K., Adamski F., Wawrzyniak J., Gawrysiak-Witulska M., Stangierski J., Kmiecik D. (2022): Machine and deep learning in the evaluation of selected qualitative characteristics of sweet potatoes obtained under different convective drying conditions. Applied Sciences, 12(15), 7840. MEN2021=100 IF2022=2,7

Al-Sammarraie M.A.J., Gierz Ł., Przybył K., Koszela K., Szychta M., Brzykcy J., Baranowska H.M. (2022): Predicting fruits sweetness using artificial intelligence - case study: orange. Applied Sciences, 12(16), 8233. MEN2021=100; IF2022=2,7

Cais-Sokolińska D., Bielska P., Baranowska H.M., Tomaszewska-Gras J. (2022): Determining the behavior of water in buttermilk cheese with polymerized whey protein using differential scanning calorimetry and nuclear magnetic resonance analysis. Applied Sciences, 12(22), 11528. MEN2021=100; IF2022=2,7

Bielska P., Cais-Sokolińska D., Dwiecki K. (2022): Effects of heat treatment duration on the electrical properties, texture and color of polymerized whey protein. Molecules, 27(19), 6395. MEN2021=140; IF2022=4,6

Gierz Ł., Przybył K. (2022): Texture analysis and artificial neural networks for identification of cereals—case study: wheat, barley and rape seeds. Scientific Reports, 12, 19316. MEN2021=140; IF2022=4,6

Cais-Sokolińska D., Walkowiak-Tomczak D., Rudzińska M. (2022): Photosensitized oxidation of cholesterol and altered oxysterol levels in sour cream: Effects of addition of cucumber pickles. Journal of Dairy Science, 105(6), 4760-4771. MEN2021=200; IF2022=3,5

Walkowiak K., Przybył K., Baranowska H.M., Koszela K., Masewicz Ł., Piątek, M. (2022). The process of pasting and gelling modified potato starch with LF-NMR. Polymers, 14(1), 184. MEN2021=100; IF2022=5,0

Wawrzyniak, J., Rudzińska, M., Gawrysiak-Witulska, M., Przybył, K. (2022): Predictive models of phytosterol degradation in rapeseeds stored in bulk based on artificial neural networks and response surface regression. Molecules, 27(8), 2445. MEN2021=140; IF2022=4,6

Pawlak T., Pilarska A.A., Przybył K., Stangierski J., Ryniecki A., Cais-Sokolińska D., Pilarski K., Peplińska  B. (2022): Application of machine learning using color and texture analysis to recognize microwave vacuum puffed pork snacks. Applied Sciences, 12(10), 5071. MEN2021=100; IF2022=2,7

Pilarska A.A., Pilarski K., Adamski M.R., Zaborowicz Z., Cais-Sokolińska D., Wolna-Maruwka A., Niewiadomska A.  (2022): Eco-friendly and effective diatomaceous earth/peat (DEP) microbial carriers in the anaerobic biodegradation of food waste products. Energies, 15(9), 3442. MEN2021=140; IF2022=3,2

Gierz, Ł., Kruszelnicka, W., Robakowska, M., Przybył, K., Koszela, K., Marciniak, A., & Zwiachel, T. (2022): Optimization of the sowing unit of a piezoelectrical sensor chamber with the use of grain motion modeling by means of the discrete element method. case study: rape seed. Applied Sciences, 12(3), 1594. MEN2021=100; IF2022=2,7

Biegalski, J., Cais-Sokolińska, D., Wawarzyniak, J. (2022): Effect of packaging and portioning on the dynamics of water–fat serum release from fresh Pasta Filata soft cheese. Foods, 11(3), 296. MEN2021=100; IF2022=5,2

Biega Foksowicz-Flaczyk, J., Wójtowski, J.A., Danków, R., Mikołajczak, P., Pikul, J., Gryszczyńska, A., Łowicki, Z., Zajączek, K., Stanisławski, D. (2022). The effect of herbal feed additives in the diet of dairy goats on intestinal lactic acid bacteria (LAB) count. Animals, 12, 255. MEN2021=100; IF2022=3,0

Biegalski, J., Cais-Sokolińska, D. (2022): Produkty z mleka owczego w kontekście oczekiwań konsumentów. Zagadnienia Doradztwa Rolniczego, 1(107), 42-64. MEN2021=20

Bielska, P., Cais-Sokolińska, D., Teichert, J., Biegalski, J., Kaczyński, Ł.K., Chudy, S. (2021): Effect of honeydew honey addition on the water activity and water holding capacity of kefir in the context of its sensory acceptability. Scientific Reports, 11, 22956. MEN2021=140; IF2020= 4,380

Biegalski, J., Cais-Sokolińska, D., Tomaszewska-Gras, J., Baranowska, H.M. (2021): The efect of freezing sheep’s milk on the meltability, texture, melting and fat crystallization profiles of fresh pasta filata cheese. Animals, 11, 2740. MEN2021=100; IF2020=2,752

Chudy, S., Makowska, A., Krzywdzińska‐Bartkowiak, M., Piątek, M., Henriques, M., Borges, A.R., Gomes, D., Pereira, C.D. (2021): The effect of microparticulated whey protein on the characteristics of reduced‐fat cheese and of the corresponding microwave vacuum‐dried cheese puffs and finely ground puffs. International Journal of Dairy Technology, Online Version. MEN2021=40; IF2020=4.374

Czyżak-Runowska, G., Wójtowski, J.A., Danków, R., Stanisławski, D. (2021): Mare’s milk from a small Polish specialized farm—basic chemical composition, fatty acid profile, and healthy lipid indices. Animals, 11, 1590. MEN2021=100; IF2020=2,752

Gawałek, J. (2021): Effect of Spray Dryer Scale Size on the Properties of Dried Beetroot Juice. Molecules, 26, 6700. MEN2021 140; IF2021=4,412

Staniszewski, R., Cais-Sokolińska, D., Kaczyński, Ł.K., Bielska, P. (2021): Use of bioluminescence for monitoring brown coal mine waters from deep and surface drainage. Energies, 14, 3558. MEN2021=140; IF2020=3,004

Teichert, J.,  Cais-Sokolińska, D., Bielska, P., Danków, P., Chudy, S., Kaczyński, Ł.K., Biegalski, J. (2021): Milk fermentation affects amino acid and fatty acid profile of mare milk from Polish Coldblood mares. International Dairy Journal, 121, 105137. MEN2021=140; IF2020=3,032

Przybył, K., Samborska, K., Koszela, K., Masewicz, Ł., Pawlak, T. (2021): Artificial neural networks in the evaluation of the influence of the type and content of carrier on selected quality parameters of spray dried raspberry powders. Measurement, Pre-proof. MEN2021=200; IF2020=3,927

Gancarz, M., Malaga-Toboła, U., Oniszczuk, A., Tabor, S., Oniszczuk, T., Gawrysiak-Witulska, M., Rusinek, R. (2021): Detection and measurement of aroma compounds with the electronic nose and a novel method for MOS sensor signal analysis during the wheat bread making process. Food and Bioproducts Processing 127, 90–98. MEN2021=140; IF2020=4,481

Rusinek, R., Kmiecik, D., Gawrysiak-Witulska, M., Malaga-Toboła, U., Tabor, S., Findura, P., Siger, A., Gancarz, M. (2021): Identification of the olfactory profile of rapeseed oil as a function of heating time and ratio of volume and surface area of contact with oxygen using an electronic nose. Sensors, 21, 303. MEN2021=100; IF2020=3,576

Rusinek, R., Gawrysiak-Witulska, M., Siger, A., Oniszczuk, A., Ptaszyńska, A.A., Knaga, J., Malaga-Toboła, U., Gancarz, M. (2021): Effect of supplementation of flour with fruit fiber on the volatile compound profile in bread. Sensors, 21(8), 2812. MEN2021=100; IF2020=3,576

Rusinek, R., Siger, A., Gawrysiak‐Witulska, M., Rokosik, E., Malaga‐Toboła, U., Gancarz, M. (2020): Application of an electronic nose for determination of pre‐pressing treatment of rapeseed based on the analysis of volatile compounds contained in pressed oil. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 55, 2161–2170. MEN2021=70; IF2020=3,713

Pilarska, A.A., Boniecki, P., Idzior-Haufa, M., Zaborowicz, M., Pilarski, K., Przybylak, A., Piekarska-Boniecka, H. (2021): Image analysis methods in classifying selected malting barley varieties by neural modelling. Agriculture-Basel, 11, 732. MEN2021=100; IF2020=2,925

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Wolna-Maruwka, A., Piechota, T., Niewiadomska, A., Kamiński, A., Kayzer, D., Grzyb, A., Pilarska, A.A. (2021): The effect of biochar-based organic amendments on the structure of soil bacterial community and yield of maize (Zea mays L.). Agronomy, 11, 1286. MEN2021=100; IF2020=3,417

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Idzior-Haufa, M., Pilarska, A.A., Hędzelek, W., Boniecki, P., Pilarski, K., Dorocka-Bobkowska, B. (2021): A comparison of biomechanical properties of implant-retained overdenture based on precision attachment type. Materials, 14, 2598. MEN2021=140; IF2020=3,623

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Przybył, K., Koszela, K., Adamski, F., Samborska, K., Walkowiak, K., Polarczyk, M. (2021): Deep and machine learning using sem, ftir, and texture analysis to detect polysaccharide in raspberry powders. Sensors, 21(17), 5823. MEN2021=100; IF2020=3,576

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