Editor-in-chief - history

Assoc. Prof. Wojciech Lis 1990-2017

Doctor of Science of Forestry in the field of forestry (23.06.1992). Researcher and practitioner. Employee and head of the Department of Economics and Organization of Woodworking (1994- 2017). Organizer and lider of the Doctoral Studies at the Department of Wood Technology of the August Cieszkowski Agricultural Academy in Poznań (1995-1996), next the ean of the same Faculty (1996-1999). President of the trade association Association of Wooden Pallets Manufacturers and Exporters in Poland (KRS 0000021495). Member of the board of the International Association for Technology Management (IATM), and since 1999 President of the IATM scientific network.

Researcher and practitioner, cooperating with the entities of practice for whom he developed solutions to technical, technological and economic-organizational problems in the field of wood technology. He has carried out joint research projects with scientific institutions in Zwoleń, Lviv, Zagreb, Trnava, Kosice, Sopron, Zilina and Bratislava. The one of the others result of this cooperation was the creation of the scientific journal Intercathedra, operating within the scientific network of IATM.


Assoc. Prof. Sławomir Kalinowski 2017-2019

Professor at the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in the years 2002-2018 associated with the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, from 2018 an employee of IRWiR PAN in Warsaw, from 2019 head of the Department of Rural Economics. Research interests include the standard of living of the rural population as well as issues related to job insecurity, social economy, smart villages, unemployment and the social aspect of game theory.

Author of the book "The standard of living of the rural population with uncertain income" (2015, PWN), co-author of the book "Poverty of the rural population of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship" (2007, Publisher AR in Poznań) and scientific editor of the monograph "Life on the edge - social margins of a big city" ( 2014, Publ. Societas Pars Mundi), "Marginalization and social development - between present and past" (2017, Publ. Societas Pars Mundi), "Closer to people - a program for social sciences?" (2018, published by Societas Pars Mundi). In the years 2009-2015 secretary of the Inter-environmental Research Group of the Poznań Social Margin.


Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Kozera-Kowalska 2019-

Doctor of Economics, research worker of the Department of Law and Enterprise Organization in Agribusiness at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Poznan University of Life Sciences. Member of Polish and foreign scientific organizations (PTE, SERIA, IISES). Lecturer in Management Basics, Management, Human Capital Management and Social Responsibility in Agribusiness. Participant of the Science spokesman. project.

Author and executor of workshops on economics for children and youth and motivational workshops for rural women. She cooperates with agricultural and social magazines promoting knowledge of economics, agribusiness social responsibility and business ethics. For years, her research interests have focused on human, social and intellectual capital issues and broadly understood rural development. She is the author and editor of books and scientific textbooks "Intellectual capital in creating added value of agricultural enterprises" (2017), “Business conscience, ethical business decisions” (2012), “Basics knowledge about agriculture and agribusiness” (2012) and "The cereals market" (2004); reviewer of scientific papers. As a recognised expert she works for NGOs and companies in the field of human capital and social innovation. Involved in social activities to develop the activity of rural women and seniors, she promotes and supports the "Second Life" transplantology support campaign.