IFAL 2019

The 4th National Conference on Agri-Food Logistics and the 3rd International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics was held in Poznań on June 26-28, 2019. Its motto was:

Towards the Sustainability of Logistics in the Agri-Food Supply


  1. Sustainable agri-food supply chains - goals and principles of functioning
  2. Possibilities of reduction of CO2 and other harmful substances emissions in the AFSCs
  3. Methods of measuring and assessing the sustainability of logistics in the AFSCs
  4. Loss and waste of food in the agri-food sector
  5. Traceability in agri-food supply chains
  6. Intelligent packaging, including a modified atmosphere
  7. Ways of storage and loss of product quality
  8. Technique and technology in terms of food safety
  9. Development of systems and quality standards in agri-food logistics
  10. Development of information systems supporting management and security in the AFSCs
  11. Risk management in the AFSCs - regional and global approach
  12. Legal aspects of the functioning of AFSCs
  13. Development of the CSR and LSR concepts for the AFSCs
  14. Problems, challenges and trends in AFSCs
  15. Other issues related to the functioning of the AFSCs