Book of abstracts – 4th International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics – 23-24.06.2021, Poznań (.PDF)

Agriculture – Special Issue ”Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture, Rural Areas and Agri-Food Supply Chain under Conditions of Uncertainty”  –  discount 15% for all collaborated conference.

Energies – Special Issue “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Supply: Scientific, Economic and Policy Analysis” – discount 10% for all collaborated conference.


Dear Guests, Dear Friends and Supporters - existing and new ones,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the 4th International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics
The Forum is an opportunity for a multidimensional discussion on the changes that have occurred and - as it is expected - will take place in the sphere of logistics solutions for the food economy.
Although the Forum is scheduled for June 2021, we already allow you to submit your opinion on topics covered by the conference in the form of scientific reports, papers or posters with short comments, which - depending on your choices, we will send to scientific journals cooperating with us.
Information about the journals can be find on the conference website.
We are pleased to continue our cooperation with existing partners, but we also welcome new ones by presenting the results of projects in which they participate.
We think the cooperation network that we have built will allow us to jointly take up the topic of "Entrepreneurship, innovation and technologies in the sustainable development of food supply chains under conditions of uncertainty" and work out joint recommendations for the further development of logistics in the food economy.

The conference will be held on-line.

We invite you to read the topic and problems of the upcoming Forum and to submit your participation.

Best regards
Karol Wajszczuk Ph.D.
Chair of the Organizing Committee

Prof. PULS Magdalena Kozera-Kowalska Ph. D
Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee


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