Conference themes

Relationships between market players are a significant research field and their importance is growing. Many detailed aspects connected with relationships, e.g. dynamics of relational bonds, analysis of factors that determine establishment and termination of relationships, competitiveness of relational networks still need to be developed. The food markets, due to their significant size, large diversification and dynamics of changes, are an important research ”testing ground” that enables in-depth analysis of relationship issues.

The conference is focused on the following topics:

Relationships in B2B markets:

    1. Relationships of companies in distribution channels.
    2. Premises, benefits and barriers of inter-organisational relationships.
    3. Network organisations on food markets.
    4. Creation of values for end customers in business networks.
    5. Relational systems as the basis for creating market power for small and medium-sized enterprises on food markets.
    6. Internationalization processes vs. relationships on food markets.
    7. Reasons for durability and termination of relationships.
    8. Dynamics and drivers of relationship change.
    9. Market context vs. relationship quality.
    10. Methodological approach to B2B relationship analysis

Relationships in B2C markets:

    1. Establishment and management of relationships with consumers on food markets
    2. Relationships with consumers as source of innovations on food markets.
    3. Role of new technologies (business 4.0) in establishing relationships with consumers.
    4. Quality of relationships vs. consumer behaviour.
    5. Creation and keeping consumers’ loyalty.
    6. Role of relationships with consumers in food retail trade and gastronomy.
    7. (A)symmetry of B2C relationships.
    8. Food security vs. relationships in the sphere of market operators’ activity.
    9. Directions of changes in consumption vs. shaping relationships with consumers.
    10. Legal aspects and consumer protection.
    11. Methods of researching relationships in B2C markets.