Scope and Importance of Non-governmental Organisations Activities' and Their Evaluation by Rural Residents of the Podkarpackie Province


This paper describes the type of operating 210 non-governmental organizations and the scope of their activities in rural areas the Podkarpackie province. The research results show that most active units are, commonly known by inhabitants, voluntary fire brigades, sports clubs, farmer housewives' associations and folkloristic associations. The activity of these organisations was related to learning, culture, education, upbringing, as well as public safety and environment protection. The opinions of 595 people from the surveyed municipalities were taken into account, in terms of quality of their activities in the local community. The results confirmed full acceptance of nonprofit organizations' activity, and dominance of good and very good ratings was a recognition of high quality of their services and important role they play in rural areas of the Podkarpackie province.


Non-governmental organisation; Local community; Rural areas

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Published : 2013-12-31

Grzybek, M., & Kawa, M. (2013). Scope and Importance of Non-governmental Organisations Activities’ and Their Evaluation by Rural Residents of the Podkarpackie Province. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 27(1), 85-94. Retrieved from

Maria Grzybek
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski  Poland
Marta Kawa 
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski  Poland

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