Opinion Giving Services as a Source of Consumer Information


The goal of the article is to determine the place and role of opinion giving services in consumer behaviours. The discussion is conducted around the thesis saying that in the information society, opinion giving services constitute an important source of information for consumers in the process of selecting and purchasing both products and services. In the article the research approach based on the theoretical and empirical examinations was presented. The discussion starts with presenting a defi nition and types of opinion giving services which constitute the base for the characteristics of activities and usefulness of web portals collecting consumers opinions. The use of opinion giving services provided in the purchase process was evaluated. An essential interest in other consumers opinions, placed in Internet, was observed together with perceiving them as credible. Positive assessment of the functionality of opinion giving services was noticed.


Website; Consumer information; Purchasing; Recommendation

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Zasady pisania opinii. Pobrano 15 grudnia 2014 z: https:// www.opineo.pl/i/dla-uzytkownika/zasady-pisania-opinii.

Published : 2015-12-31

Wyrwisz, J. (2015). Opinion Giving Services as a Source of Consumer Information. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 37(3), 581-588. https://doi.org/10.17306/JARD.2015.63

Joanna Wyrwisz  j.wyrwisz@pollub.pl
Politechnika Lubelska  Poland

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