Sustainable Packaging as a Determinant of the Process Of Making Purchase Decisions from the Perspective of Polish and French Young Consumers


The promotion of the idea of sustainable development largely depends on the way it is perceived and understood by consumers. Therefore, the article presents the fi ndings of a survey on consumers' knowledge about sustainable packaging, in particular: the understanding of the idea of sustainable packaging in terms of sustainable development, consumers' interest in the concept of sustainable packaging, as well as the sources of information about sustainable packaging. Numerous earlier studies showed that younger and better-educated consumers are more favourably disposed to this concept, so the research was restricted to young consumers. The respondents' opinions were analysed from the point of view of the purchase decision process. The subject of the analysis was the signifi cance of particular characteristics of sustainable packaging for consumers. The research allowed for establishing fi ve characteristics of sustainable packaging which, according to the respondents, are the main criteria for the assessment and the comparison of products and packaging during shopping. Moreover, it turned out that in mature markets consumers display higher sensitivity to companies' sustainable activities, including those related to packaging, which can be caused by the economic reasons (consumers are not very price-conscious).


Packaging; Consumer behaviour; Sustainable consumption

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Published : 2015-12-31

Jerzyk, E. (2015). Sustainable Packaging as a Determinant of the Process Of Making Purchase Decisions from the Perspective of Polish and French Young Consumers. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 37(3), 437-445.

Ewa Jerzyk
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu  Poland

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