The study focused on the knowledge of intergenerational farm transfer among cocoa farmers in southwestern Nigeria. A three-stage sampling technique was used to select 5% of the total 6,843 registered cocoa farmers with the Agricultural Development Project (ADP), making a total sample size of 342 cocoa farmers. Data were collected through interviewer-administered questionnaires and analysed using percentages, frequency distributions and chi-square tests. The results revealed that a majority of the respondents were male (77.0%) and had farm sizes of 5 ha and below (84.9%). The respondents had a mean age of 58 years and a mean household size of six persons. The results show that a majority (65.3%) of respondents had low knowledge about intergenerational farm transfer. 56.9% of the respondents had not discussed the issue of intergenerational farm transfer plans with anybody. The results also show that cocoa farmers’ succession plan status has a positive relationship with their knowledge of intergenerational farm transfer. The study concluded that the knowledge of cocoa farmers about the process of farm transfer is poor. The study recommends that cocoa farmers be trained in the process of intergenerational farm transfer to ensure family farm sustainability.


knowledge; intergenerational farm transfer; cocoa farmers; southwest; Nigeria

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Published : 2023-01-04

Adebayo, S., Joyce, O., & Babatunde, R. (2023). KNOWLEDGE OF INTERGENERATIONAL FARM TRANSFER AMONG COCOA FARMERS IN SOUTHWEST NIGERIA. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 66(4), 331–340. Retrieved from

Sijuwade Adebukola Adebayo
University of Ilorin, Nigeria  Nigeria
Ogundiran Tosin Joyce 
University of Ilorin  Nigeria
Raphael Olanrewaju Babatunde 
University of Ilorin  Nigeria

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