This paper explores the role of the Common AgriculturalPolicy in creating non-agricultural jobs in rural Poland.The analyses were based on monitoring indicators of RuralDevelopment Program 2007–2013 and public statistics. Thepaper argues that dynamic technological changes in agriculturerequire redefining the approach towards challenges relatedto the decreasing demand for human labor in agriculture.Although the CAP proves to have a positive impact on ruraljob creation in Poland, the results are a long way from meetingthe needs. Therefore, this paper calls for a strategic re-orientationof CAP objectives and indicates the need for a moreintegrated policy which offers synergies with other types ofEU and national public aid. Only such a policy mix can enablea more effective creation of quality jobs in rural areas.


Common Agricultural Policy; rural labor; non- -agricultural jobs; policy instruments

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Published : 2018-12-31

Nurzyńska, I. (2018). THE ROLE OF THE COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY IN STIMULATING RURAL JOBS IN POLAND. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 48(2), 173-181.

Iwona Nurzyńska 

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