MSC thesis – document in English

Diploma thesis information form

Please fill in both: Polish and English version
of this documents:

Declaration of the author on the print and electronic
copies of the thesis being identical

Declaration of the author of diploma thesis on its being original, prepared solely by the author and constituting no abridgement
of copyright

Declaration by the author on having transferred to the University the right to process the thesis in a plagiarism detection system

Master thesis title pageexample

Please ask your supervisor for summary
translation into Polish

Your master thesis should be printed in three examples and submitted to:

– two copies for your supervisor and reviewer  printed
on one side and set together (binded) in hard binding,

one copy for the Dean’s Office printed double-paged (on both sides) and set together (binded) in soft binding, together with CD with PDF and word file (on the CD please do not put this three attachements from above) of your master thesis. Only to the copy for Dean’s Office you must put the attachements (in polish and english) downloaded from this site, above.