Animal Production Management

Master’s Degree Study
Field: Animal Production Management

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Study Program





Syllabyses (program 2017-2018)

Module_1 – Animal nutrition and feed management

Module_2 – Basics of law and management

Module_3 – Animal improvement methods

Module_4 – Animal breeding programs

Module_5 – Biofood and quality of animal products

Module_6 – Ecology in animal husbandry

Module_7 – Preventive veterinary medicine

Module_8 – Farm management


Physical training

Schedule of dissertations on masters studies

Application patterns

MSc thesis – documents in English

MSc thesis guidelines

You are also obliged to submitt to the Dean’s Office:

clearance slip after collecting all the stamps

The diploma will be only given to the students
who don’t have any financial and other arreas
to the University (like accomodation fees, tuition fees ect.) .