Informacje dla studentów wyjeżdżających:

Wydziałowy Dzień Programu ERASMUS+ odbył się 18.01.2021. Nagranie spotkania dostępne jest pod adresem:

Szczegółowe informacje dot. wyjazdów dostępne są na uczelnianiej stronie Programu Erasmus+.

Incoming students:

Rector’s of Poznań University of Life Sciences ordinance

Due to the spreading of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Europe including Poland, the Rector of PULS (Poznań University of Life Sciences) disposes of extraordinary regulations:

1) All lectures, classes, laboratories, etc. are canceled from 12.03. to 26.03.2020.

2) Until 31.03.2020 all contacts with foreigner partners are suspended.

3) All students who came back to Poland from other parts of the world, special biosafety is required, as well as the obligatory 14d quarantine.

4) All events, as well as all visits of the non-registred guests in the dormitories, are not allowed.

5) Limitations in contact with other people are crucial to keeping and obtained biosafety, it is not welcome to travel between cities or countries.

6) Please, do not consider coming back to your country. 

7) Time break should be not considered as a holiday time.

The general information about the ERASMUS+ program is available at

Information on the courses available at our Faculty in the Academic year 2020/2021 will be available soon.

For more information, contact the ERASMUS+ Faculty Coordinator at